Month: July 2019

European Championships were run Zarasaissa

It was less than three weeks after the fall of the World Championship race in Kaunas. Work had been carried and miles driven. The boat was one week in Molgaard factory in Denmark repairing. The engine had gone through and the necessary parts replaced. The machine was used warm, but not driven. The last part was in placed in to the boat Wednesday evening. In the evening, it was raining heavily, so testing left in Zarasai competition. Since the journey began in early Thursday morning.

We were able to use the machine on Friday , seemed to work. Qualifying began quite promisingly, results 8:s competition departure. As a result of the first tranche was 9 place. In the second period as well.

Sunday morning's practice session began problems. First, the elevator motor broke down after a round of, which could accommodate a small air flight. Of course I came down the right way up.

Elevator was fixed in the morning, the beginning of the third heat. In a power began to fade from the engine and the batch had to be left between the. Engine yes it was, but the rounds were clearly low. The problem also asked for, but it was not appropriate to continue underperforming motor driving. Three-week trip rattling crash had been ravaged by the motor. Thus, the common points of the resulting 13:ta place brought home. Not at all satisfacton result.

Now is the time to go through the engine again and, if necessary, change the machine. In less than two weeks from now we are in the race again, the Norwegian run next Tonsberg World Championship.

Kaunas, Lithuania 29-30.6.2019

World Champion season started this weekend, not as we planned. Practice sessions on Saturday engine work well, Kaunas lagoon wind was however spasmodic. I noticed this the end of the finish straight exercise progresses, the boat took literally take off, 2 volts and a third motor boat fell back into the water. The boat stays upside down. Get to the surface on their own, left ankle was caught and twisted in the cabin.. Otherwise injuries more on the spiritual side. I was taken to the admissibility of Kaunas hospital emergency department, my team with the help of a professional competitor rescue equipment from lake.. Fortunately, strong cables keeped the engine to hold on., so we dont´t lost it.. I make it in style but, although I would have rather pushed a weekend competition.

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