Month: August 2019

Ribadouro, Portugal 13-15.9.

5 day to the next competition, in Portugal. The engine has thoroughly maintained , so now everything seems to be ok. There has been enough time to practise. The stock starts the journey today towards the competition. On saturday 14.9 starts the practise and time trials will show how is everything.

We won't race in Italian race.

The initial season brought with it technical worries. The engine does not function properly after the felling that occurred in Lithuania. Work has been done, but the Norwegian competition show that power of engine is missing.. Now is the time to get everything up and running again, so this weekend, we can't drive in Italy, Brindisi. This season has not run any races, so we have do everything to September in Portuguese race. The time between competitions scarce, so Italy, we can't be with. In September, 13. day while driving a race in Portugal.

MM Series continues Tonsberg, Norway

F2 class action Championship races run this coming weekend. Competition is a source of high spirits, the engine was cleaned and serviced. Exercises we had time to drive home waters, then everything worked very well.

The first two weekend period, there are events had, actually not a race jury is still out driving. It now aims to the fullest, Sunday will be seen how the plans are realized.

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