Month: December 2019

Raceseason last race – the best place for this season,

Season 2019 is driven and we are back in home from Abu Dhabi. The equipment is still on the way, but a month's time at home too.

On Friday 6.12 Finnish Independence Day free practice went well, mainly outputs practicing and propellers where testing.

Qualification of the first partition and finaly 6:th best time. The second section was good to go, resulting from the ninth best time. For this first time in this class third section , where 10 the fastest driver one at a time 2 fast laps. It does not rate no longer enough to top off the best, but the result 9 GP venue start.

On saturday 7.12 driven GP last season went very well.

with start was a bit of a problem. The engine is not started immediately, however, crashes of the start were successful and I was able to get up places.

All 44 race laps were run and at the finish I was on the fifth. The best performance in this class, the technical inspection came with a competitor by technical reason DSQ , so I got up 4:KSI.

Fourth place also gave a very Championships points and the period at the end of my rank in the World Championship just fine 8:s.

This is very good to go harder goals for the upcoming season 2020. Christmas break and updating of equipment before spring front.

Season 2019 giving big thanks to all our partners and all who were in one way or another involved with us!

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First race day in Abu Dhabi is driven

F2 class period 2019 the last powerboat World Championship is underway in the capital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Today we run free practice and qualifying sessions.

The morning free practice lap times improved in the exercise progresses. The engine worked well, propellers were tested and verailtiin. A lot of fast laps were, although 18 other competitor being on the track at the same time, intact turns of driving is often a challenge.

The first time with the afternoon Q1:in, first 20 ajettettiin minutes to all the competitors at the same time. Good laps and at the end of the time I was in the results 6:th. So, the next Q2 continued in the competition after the short break. The following 15 minutes were drove with 15 competitor group. Also, this nicely towards the short-listed Q3, the resulting 8:the shining. Q3:I left in the round its own third, in reverse order taking. Laps went well, however the speed was not enough and as a result 9. place for tomorrow's World Championship races.

Tomorrow is driven practise at 10:30 local time, eli 8:30 Finnish time. Closing the competition starts at 15:15 local time parade round, the race at 15:30 local time.

Photo by Chris Davies

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