21-years old Kalle Viippo from Forssa began competing boat racing at age 7, representing Salon Racing Boaters. Kalle started the Finnish national SJ 15 -class and moved in 2012 to F4-class. After six years of achievements Kalle has. two World Championship bronze medals, several Finnish championships and numerous other prizes in SM, PM-, EM- and MM-series.

Seasons 2018 and 2019 Kalle competed in the F2 class. He got a lot of valuable experience, and placed 10. in Tonsberg, Norway 2018, 16. place in Ribadouro, Portugal 2018 and 8. place 2019, and 4. place in Abu Dhabi 2019.

In season 2020 talented Kalle Viippo competes in the Swedish F1 Team Sweden -stable side by side with the world's best track motor boaters in F1-class.

His childhood dreams will come to life in March in Saudi Arabia's World Cup race, where driver will take part of the F1-class with one of the best team of the league and side by side with the owner and another driver of the team, Jonas Andersson. Andersson won silver medal 2019 with a score balanced with world champion.

Jumping to the top serie with Team Sweden is a great opportunity to the future for this young driver. There are only two other drivers in season 2020 from Finland.

F1-class racing boat is basically the same as the F2 -class, but capacities will increase to 450 horse:power.


Kalle Viippo Racing team belong in addition to the driver Kallen mechanic / driver Matti stock Viippo, radio man / person Viippo Pia and a few race mechanic.